Adriatic Braca Tamburitza Orchestra

Tamburitza, International , European, World, Mediteranean Music Band - Bufffalo, New York USA

Booking Information

See the all the music we play and mp3 samples at the bottom of  this page or click links here.  We can cater to your needs !! 

Country/Blue Grass/Canal-click here  

Irish-click here  Italian-click here

American  Lounge/Bebop-Click here    Greek-click here

 Spanish-click here   Balkan-click here   Gypsy-Click here 

Russian/other-click here    

You can select  all American, all Balkan, a European mix,  a combination of American and international, or any combination you want.  At events with a dinner, we can play before dinner, during dinner, and after dinner for the main event (dance)... or any combination you desire.  We are the perfect band when you want to mix your ethnic herritage music with American music.... providing a good time for all your guests.

The repertoire  includes.....  Ballads & instrumentals from the Balkans - Croatia, Dalmatia, Serbia, Bosnia, and Macedonia, as well as Greek, Spanish, Itailian, Hungarian, Romanian, Gypsy, Polish, German, Irish, Yidis, American Country, Rock'n Roll, Swing,  Jazz, and slow dance music.  

Dance types include... Fox Trot, Waltz, Tango, Cha Cha, Polka, Rhinelander, 40's Jitterbug/Swing,  50's Swing & Twist, Fast Dance,  Balkan Kolo's, Czardas.

We play for.....

 - Dances 

 - Weddings Receptions &  Wedding Rehersal Parties

 - Anniversary Parties

 - Festivals and Picnics

 - Taverns and Restaurants

 - University/College Music Arts Department Shows

 - Public and Private Music Arts Organizations

 - Background music at events and dinners

 - International Events


Gig Information:

 -  Normal gigs are 4 hours, but can be longer or shorter.

 -  Charge based on the event

-   Band supplies their own sound system.

-  We play out of town/overnight - contact to discuss.

  For more info on rates and availability contact via:

    email us ....go to "Contact Us" page   or call  Rudy Kristich 716-839-5181 

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Recent Festivals and Shows                                                    

 2001-2014 TAA Tamburitzan Festivals - all across the USA.

 2011   3 Day Mediteranean Festival - Niagara Falls, NY  

 2012  Italian Festival,  Bradford, PA   

 2013 - 2015  Erie County Fair (NY)   - Ethnic Festival (largest county fair in the USA)

 2014  Wyoming County Arts Council  -  Irish / Balkan Concert

2015   Darian Lake Arts/Amusement Park  (NY)   -  Ethnic Festival

 2015  (Many years)  -  Serbfest  - Lackawanna, NY  

 "Buffalo Busted String Band"  - Country / Blue Grass / Canal Band

Currently playing at  the Dearhead Inn's  Blue Grass Accoustic Night  every  3 months....check our schedule page.


Rocky Top                       Bev Hillbillies                         Folsom Prison Blues

O Lonesome Me            Rollin My Sw Baby’s Arms   Blue Moon of Kentucky

Whose Sorry Now          Halleluja I’m Ready to Go    Country Roads

Ring of Fire                     For the Good Times              Green Grass of Home

Please Release Me       Turkey in the Straw               Circle Won’t be Broken

On the Road Again         Always on My Mind               Jackson

Blue Skies                       Lucille                                     King of the Road     

By the Time I Get to Phoenix                                  Blue Eyes Cryin in the Rain

The Gambler                     


.... Canal Era Music:  The Erie Canal, Swannee River, Swing Low Sweet Chariot, Sweet Georia Brown, Battle Hyme of the Republic, Proud Mary, Muddy Water, Lookin Out My Back Door, You Are My Sunshine, Oh Susanna, I've Been Workin on the Railroad, By the Light of the Silvery Moon 5 Foot 2,  Ain't She Sweet, 12 St. Rag, Alley Cat, Trailers for Sale or Rent, Whinechester Cathedral, Leroy Brown, The Sting, St. Loui Blues, McArther Park.


Blue Moon of Kentucky      Rollin My Sweet Baby's Arms Moon of kty clip.mp3 Rollin in my Sweet Baby's Arms clip.mp3

 Hallelujah I'm Ready          O Lonesome Me Hallelujah I'm Ready clip.mp3 O Lonesome My clip.mp3

 click for more  Country MP3 songs
At Adriatic Braca Extra's mp3 website


 American Lounge / Bebop /  Swing  / Party Music

 Kansas City                      Blue Sued Shoes         Kansas City clip.mp3 Blue Sued Shoes clip.mp3

click here for more Swing/Party MP3 Music                                                                at Adriatic Braca's MP3 Extra's Website


 Slow Dance / Lounge Music

More & Amour             My Way                             True Love

San Francisco               For the Good Times         Sealed with a Kiss

Feelings                       Please Release Me           After the Lovin

And I Love You So        Les Bisicletta        Can’t Help Falling in Love  And many more …..  


Be-Bop / Swing / Blues

Kansas City              Blue Suede Shoes       Blueberry Hill                   

Good Luck Charm    Proud Mary                 What Now My Love   

Bye Bye Love            Dream                        Love Me Tender         

Sony                         Whispering                 Sweet Georgia Brown   

St. Loui Blues            My Bier Bis Du Soen   Some one these Days  

On the Sunny Side of the Street  Medley    Leroy Brown

 Party Music: Rag time / Carribean / Tiawana

12th Street Rag       Five Foot 2            Ain’t She Sweet  

Alley Cat                 The Sting                Whinchester Cathedral

Margaurittaville      Kingston Town Farewell        Guantaramera

Yellow Bird             Limbo                      Lemon Tree

Day-o                      Tiawanna Taxi       Spanish Flea 

"O'Braca" Irish Band


Black Velvet Band                Fields of Athenrye                Whiskey in the Jar

Danny Boy                             Four Leaf Clover                  Wild Rover

Galway Shawl                       Four Green Fields                 Home Boys 

Irish Rover                             By the Rising of the Moon    God Save Ireland

I’m a  Rover                          Carickfergus                          Dublin City

Cockles and Mussels          Only the Rivers Run Free     My Girls An Irish Girlh G

The Irish Jig                           McNamera’s Band              The Unicorn

My Wild Irish Rose                Irish Lullabuy                         The Red Rose     

Merry Plow Boy                     The Orange & Green           Gypsy Rover 

Want Your Old Lobby Washed Down            When Irish Eyes are Smiling 


  Whiskey in the Jar        When Irish Eyes are Smiling     Merry Plow Boy    Whiskey in the Jar CLIP.mp3 IRISH EYES ARE SMILIN CLIP.mp3 Merry Plough Boy CLIP .mp3

  Home Boys                      God Save Ireland                 Wild Rover HOME BOYS CLIP.mp3 GOD SAVE IRELAND CLIP.mp3 WILD ROVER 1 CLIP.mp3

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"Adriatic Braca" - Balkan: Croatian, Serbian, Macedonian

We offer an extensive repertoire of ballads and circle dance instrumentals.  Many songs sung in 3 part harmony . Played on authentic Balkan instruments.

Our  repertoire includes:

... Old time village ballads like  - Tiha Noci, Samo Nemoj Ti, Malo Ja Malo Ti

  ... Old time American favorites - Mariana, Bljeda Djeva, Tesko Mi Je 

      .... Vojvojdina 1970' era songs like - O Jelo Jelo,  Osam Tamburasi, U Tom Somboru

      .... Dalmatian songs like - Niti Sam Je Gradjanka, Ja Sam Majko Cura Fina

      .... Newer songs - Sve Bi Dao, Dao Bi Zlanta Dukati, Oj Mladosti, Idemo U Svatove

  ... Tozovats 70's era songs... Uzmi Sve Sto Te Zivot Pruzu, Mirjena, Sliku Tvoju Ljubim

 .... Macedonian songs - Bitola, Eleno, Godine Su Prolazile


Our extensive kolo repertoire includes old village dances, durmes, cests, slow and fast Macedonian, ca caks, Misourlu type dances,  and specialty dances such Op Sa, Sestorka, Niska Banje and Gyda.


We are able to play for an all Croatian or Serbian event or a mixed crowd...adjusting our song selection accordingly.  And  by combining our extensive American repertoire with this Balkan music, we can offer the complete package for a  mixed Balkan - American festival or wedding.

See our CD by clicking here

   Ruzice                       Prelaz Kolo                Godine Su Pro... samp cd.mp3


   Sarba Lui (bug pic)      Cekat Cu Te Mara     GB  Kolo        samp.mp3 na rivi cd sam.mp3 cd.mp3





Granada     Carmen              Besa Me Mucho       El Cumancero     

Andulucia   Spanish Eyes      Pt. Siena                 Cha Cha   

Tea for 2      Lapa Loma         and  Other Tangos

  El Cumancero Cumancero wc.mp3

click here for more   Spanish Music  Spanish-Mex Songs                                                            at Adriatic Braca's MP3 Extra's Website 


 O Marie                          Finika         That’s Amore        Return to Me 

Arriva Derci Roma     Tarantela         Ej Cumpare          Amour

Isle of Capri              O Solo Mio        Santa Lucio          Peanut Vendor 

My Way          Marina        Trapanarella          Godfather Theme  Song

 Tarantella dwc2.mp3

 Recent Italian bookings:  2012 Bradford Italian Festival, 2012 

click here for more   Italian MP3 Songs                                                 at Adriatic Braca's MP3 Extra's Website  



Zorba the Greek             Samiotisa                  Ti Samo Bi Je

Keresma                        Aj To Ja No                 Opa Nino Naj

Strose to Stroma           A Po Ti                        

Misourlou                       Never On Sunday  

White Ribbons              And circle dance instrumentals        

Zorba the Greek pwc.mp3
click here for more  Greek Songs                                       at Adriatic Braca's MP3 Extra's Website  

Gypsy  Music - Hungarian  /  Romanian  /  Balkan 

    Indi  Gypsy mp3 Indian clip.mp3

B Rhapsody                      Hungarian Dance #5             Gypsy Rider      
Mel #4 Rhapsody             Hungarian Dance Medley    Gypsy Strings    
Zup Rhapsody                 Tic Tak Cardas                        Cimbolem  Samo
Romanian Rhapsody     Janicka Cadas                         Indi      
Sar Lui  Pompiru             Cardas Medley                        Sote
H Rhapsody                     Uza Sap                          Those Were the Days   
Evo Banke                        Ko Lepi San                   Nema Lepsa Devojke
Ja Budi Budi                    Harmonia Swing            Romanian 4 Down  
Dido Di                              Gangbusters                   Cinganske Kolo  
Sestorka                           Jovano                              Balkan 4 Up Swing  
Perino                               Jedna Cura Mala             Cadalama 
Djelem Djelem                 Estike                                 Stephanovo
Macedonka Devojce      Irv                                       Stari Ca Cak
Bolumjem Ja                    Op Sa                                 Niska Banje
Ramo Ramo                    Idem Duso                         Grli Me Ljubi Me

 Russian / Other


Somewhere My Love        Kolinka

Russian  March                 Midnight in Moscow 



German:  Du Du  -  Rhinelander

Polish: Many Polkas

Kezmer:  Havanaguila  - If I Were A Rich Man